Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An Unfinished Love Poem

I used to think
that love was just a game
a fairy tale tailored for two
just a mirage in the desert of my life
until you changed my point of view

You showed to me
a love I'd never known
a love so gentle and free
like a rainbow in the twilight of a storm
a breath of jasmine so sweet...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Labels are there
For you and me
To label things
We “think” we see

We “see” these things
They make us… feel
They make us… forget
What is real
Behind the things
We attach labels to

So we live with
Like “me” and “you”

Yeah, Labels sometimes
Do get in the way
And we can’t “see” the sunshine
For the “light of day”

But sometimes I wonder
If we all were able
To live out our lives
Without these labels

What life could be
What life we’d see
If we didn’t have labels
Like “you” and “me”


I was before the Alpha
And after the Omega I shall Be
I Am the Womb of all Creation
All that is came from Me
I am the Stillness within the Void
All Wisdom flows from my Core
I Am Life Everlasting
I Am Love Forever More

Thought Traps


I'm thinking about you
I'm going to trap you with my thoughts

I'm thinking about you
you're on my mind, I got you caught

You're wondering what I'm thinking

is it false
is it true

I've caught you in my snare because
I'm thinking about you

I'm thinking about you
you are aware, it’s in your eyes

I'm thinking about you
and there's nowhere you can hide

You're on my mind, I'm in your thoughts
your life belongs to me

I'm thinking about you
and only I can set you free

I'm thinking about you
I close my eyes, you're in my sight

I'm thinking about you
but wait..... something's not just right

I feel I'm snared, I feel I'm trapped,
MY life's no longer free

OH MY GOD! That look, that stare.......

What's she thinking about me?


I can’t see, I can’t see
cried a woman who wanted
to know me
but I saw
through misty eyes
what she could see
what could be seen
my smokescreen
my smokescreen
fogging up, my whole life
causing pain, causing strife
but protecting me
from anticipated pain
until I heard, her next refrain…

I want to
get next to you
I can’t,
until you do
that your smokescreen
is in the way
blocking me
from needing to say
I love you, in every way…

- tick tock, tick tock -

and then I knew
what I had to do
so I took her hand
“That was part of my plan.” (wink)
and looked into
her searching eyes
and said sweetheart
let’s compromise
and said sweetheart
let’s compromise
but she thought and thought
and then she said
c’mon baby
don’t mess with my head.
just tell me honey
what do you mean

- tick tock, tick tock -

I said
I’m talking ‘bout your smokescreen
I said
I’m talking ‘bout your smokescreen

- tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock -

and we both knew
what had to be done
she wanted to scream
I wanted to run

but somehow we managed
in spite of the fears
in spite of the hangups
in spite of the tears…

that flowed when we saw
something rarely seen

- tick tock, tick tock -

the real person
behind the smokescreen
the Real Person
behind the smokescreen
behind the smokescreen
the real person
behind the smokescreen

In Silence We Met

In silence we met
Within a stare
And passion became
Our soul affair
And swept us away
Within it’s snare
To heaven to hell
We did not care
Growing each moment
Beyond compare
Fulfilling our lives
Too much to bear…

Till silence stilled us
With despair.
To only know love
Within a stare

Quantum Dancing

Today I shall dance
within the world that I created
Knowing my reality
is exactly how I made it

By my Thoughts which did author
the story I now live,
By my Heart which does direct
the performance I now give.

And my Soul shall bring forth
the new vision I’m now seeing,
For my world tomorrow shall be
the dance I’m now being